Ms-word 2013 Screen Component

Ms-word 2013 Screen Component

Ms-Word 2013 Screen Component.

First screen of ms-word display all the features provided by the application. When You will open Ms-word 2013 a window will display like below contains number of components. We are trying to describe it.

Word 2013 Screen Classification

Title bar 

Title bar is a bar that is present on the top of the window that contains file name with application name in center and a Quick Access Toolbar at left and control menu at right.

Quick Access Toolbar

This toolbar contains some command button to use quickly without searching anywhere the particular command that are present in the Quick Access Toolbar. By default it display save, undo and redo button. You can Add/Remove the option Quick Access Toolbar through Word Option.

Save –             It is used to quick save the current document. Save Document  Ctrl + S

Undo –            It is used to undo (back to one-by-one action) your work. Undo   Ctrl + Z

Redo –            It is used to return the action that is backed by undo. Redo   Ctrl + Y

Control Menu

Control menu display at the right side in the Title bar. It display Close, Restore, Minimize, Ribbon display options, and Help.

Help is used to find some information about word option.

Ribbon display options is used to hide/show the ribbon,- Ctrl+F1.

Minimize is used to send the application on the taskbar.

Restore is used to display application as short/full size of the window.

Close is use to exit from the application.


Tab is a category name of feature option. Each tab has a separate ribbon that contains a number of features button divided into group. Tab is present at the below of Title bar. Ex – File, Home, Insert, etc.

Tabs can also be customized through word Option.


Ribbon is like a bar that is a collection of Tab category options. One Ribbon may divide into more than one group. As an example Home tab Ribbon is divide into five groups- Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles and Editing.

Status Bar

Status Bar displays at the bottom of the Word Document Window. It shows the Status of Current open document. like- Page number, Number of Pages, Number of word, Languages, and more of options can be enable to show on the status bar through Right click on the status bar. At the right side of the status bar it show to five types of page view and zoom option in slider document.

Scroll Bar

There are two types of Scroll Bar. Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bar. By default Vertical Scroll Bar is displayed at the right side of the window, when page will be wider through Zoom in option and page not fully display horizontally, Horizontal Scroll Bar display automatically at this time.

Scroll Bar is used to Scroll the page horizontally or vertically. Horizontal Scroll Bar move/scroll the page in left/right direction and Vertical Scroll Bar move the page in up/down direction.

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