School Management Online Software for Schools and Pre-schools

School Management Online Software for Schools and Pre-schools

School Management Software for school

School management software manage daily activities of schools in data / digital format. This data helps to view report of entire session about school to take good decision for new year. Software in school has a main role to manage data easily and understandable format. 

What is School Management Online Software

School management online software is a tool to manage all the data about school assets. Each school need a software to manage its all activities data digitally. A school management online software responsible to manage these types of data like.- Students, Fee, Class Time-Table, Attendance, Exam, Mark-sheet, Certificate, etc. These are the main data of school / institution where school administration are engaged in full school time with papers and pencils. Our school management online software solve the administrative tasks without any hassle. Software provides to digitally manage and monitor daily school activities on a single platform.

School Management Software Dashboard

This school management online software helps schools to easy enrollment processing, and enables fee calculation and outstanding fee. This software facilitate schools to customize the fee receipt format various types of certificate ( TC, Bonafide and other ) format.

This is a online web platform that allow to access and manage the school data easily. This software is easy to use and easy to learn also. A basic computer known user and also known about the school work can easily use this school software and fast learn all about this software.

Our school management online software provides various modules to manage each department record of the school / institution

  • Student Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Fees Submission Management
  • Fee Recovery Management
  • Transport Management
  • Library Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Examination Management
  • Inventory & Billing Management
  • ID-Card & Certification Management
  • User and its Role Management

Student Management Module

In this school software "student management module" provides to school / institution to take inquiry of new student and take its entrance test. After that school / institution can take directly admission from inquiry page, here admission form brings all the data of student from inquiry database. Here is not necessary to re-enter the student data in admission form.

Admission form contains all the field that are mandatory from CBSE board. After taking admission of student in any particular class / section and all recommended fields, software allow to print the admission form in CBSE admission form format.

Attendance Management Module

Attendance Module provide to keep record of each student daily present / absent status. This School Management Software also allow to keep the record that student late present or on time. If Absent, software ask the reason of absent and keep data.

This School Management software display whole month record of the total student of particular class / section present / absent details in pretty format.

Fee Submission Management Module

School Management Software Fee Receipt

Fee Submission is the very essential part of the school / institution. Whereas each school has own schedule and way to taking fee of a student. Fee is a very crucial part of any institution. Because entire management of school / institution are managed by the fee, so software is very responsible for each student fee according to its criteria, calculated for entire session, accurately.

Our school management software allows to create Fee type (scheduled / not scheduled), class wise set the fee type and fee amount, software also give a option to set the fee in which month fee will be allowed or not allowed in fee submission form. After fee submission a fee, software generate a fee slip that has contains two part "student copy" and "school copy" in two format horizontal and vertical.

Our School Management Software also allow to set new format of fee submission slip. This fee submission receipt can be print through any standard printer. Software display day wise and date wise fee submission report in easy way.

Fee Recovery Management Module

Accurate fee amount calculation of each student is a crucial part of fee recovery module. Our school software can display total outstanding fee for each student and each month accurately. A school can print the slip for all student with its outstanding amount to notify its parent in physical way. Software also allow to send outstanding notification to its parent mobile.

Transport Management Module

Transport is an another important assets / services of Schools. Transport is an important interface role between school and far and very far from school students. One transport vehicle may be more times to carry student from different or same route. It is very essential to keep the data of student of each route and vehicle. It is also important to keep record of all staff of each vehicle.

Our school management software provides to keep vehicle details and its staff record. Software can set the vehicle route customize, and each route contains how many students and which stoppage drop whose student? Software allows to set the fee for each stoppage, and this fee automatically calculated in fee receipt for each month / quarterly / yearly.

Library Management Module

Library is an another important assets for some school. A Library contains a large amount of student study materials. e.g. Books. Book record is also multiple attribute like book type, publisher, ISBN, writer, book name, subject, price, etc. A student can take a book for a given period, after that student return that book to Library. If student return the book after given period, he has to pay some late charge.

Our software maintains all books record like book name, publisher, type, cover detail, color, ISBN, price, etc. This School Management Software set a period for non late charge and late charge amount for out of period submission. This software works like real life work, this works very easily and with understandable features.

Time-Table Management Module

School Management Software Time-Table

All schools have necessary to make Time-Table for good scheduled class, for complete the syllabus on time, for good arrangement of school daily work. Our school management software keep all staff record and its time for each class with subject for entire week. Software allow to copy one week schedule to another week easily with single button.

Examination Management Module

School Management Software Marksheet

Examination is very important for each student in schools. After Exam, student getting a marks and marks sheet creation by school and provide to student. Each school has minimum 2-4 times examination in a single session. Some school organize session term test named it Term 1, Term 2 test. and Half yearly and Annually exam marksheet contains all previous test and exam marks and grade. All Students have been promoted or demoted on the basis of these marks.

Our school management software provides to keep marks of each subject for each test. Software generate two times of marksheet, Half Yearly and annually. Each class teacher has own authority to save all subject marks of each students. After that administration can print the marksheet with graphically representation. These marksheet is formatted with CBSE format / design. This module is very easily managed by all.

Inventory & Billing Management Module

Almost all school has a stock of some item like uniform, i-card, belt, shoes, stationary and books. School provides these items to student time-to-time. Sometime it may be free and somtime payable. After providing these item, stock balance may be maintained by clerk.

Our School management software provides to create a stock of all item with its details and stock availability. Software generate a bill for student after providing these items. Software display the current status of stock very fast and easily.

Print (ID-Card & Certification) Management

Although our school software print all necessary document in all module. Like Time-Table, Marksheet, Admission Form, Fee-receipt, Outstanding Fee, PTM List, etc. but our software also provide some other printable document like Identity Card, TC (Transfer Certificate), Bonafide Certificate, and other.

User and its Role Management Module

School Management Software User-Permission

Mostly school has multiple department (like- Fee, Examination, Library and other) to manage school data smoothly. To maintains each department data must be a separate user for software or manually.

Our School Management Software provides to create multiple user with its credentials. Software also allow to give permission to user to which page to create, view, edit, or delete the data. Admin user has fully authority to edit, delete, view or create for any page. Admin authority automatically provided by the software.

About Company and School Software

Our Company Microelectra IT Corporation established in 2015. Company successful developed and implemented many web application for various types of manufacturing company and other types of business. Company also develop two types of School Management Software. Company also responsible for customization in any software developed by him.

Demonstration Link for School Management Software- 

Here we provide a demonstration link of this software for use

Click here for open software

User Name : microdemo

Password : 12345

If you face any problems or queries in login or use of the above software dial 9899816353 to resolve and customize

If you have a requirement of the school management software. For Purchase- Call me @ +91 9899816353

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