Hyperlink, Bookmark, Cross-reference in Ms word 2013

Hyperlink, Bookmark, Cross-reference in Ms word 2013

Hyperlink in Microsoft Word

When we have to require to give a connection between two object like one document to another, one topic to another, one page to another, one object to another or a hidden mark in a document to quick search that point, we use link (hyperlink, Bookmark, Cross-reference) in Ms-word 2013.

Hyperlink -  Hyperlink create a link into any selected text/object with other document, bookmark or web site.


-       Select a text/object which you want to include a link

-       Click on Hyperlink or press Ctrl + k

-       An Insert Hyperlink dialog box will be appear.

-       Type website address into Address Text box or select a document from your hard drive partition which you want to link.

-       Click on ok button.

                            -    Now color will be change of text with underline style.

Hyperlink in ms word 2013

To Open Linked document or website:

-       Ctrl + click on that text/object, containing a link.

To Remove/Edit Hyperlink:  

-       Right click on the text/object.

-       To edit, click on Edit Hyperlink.

-       To remove, click on Remove Hyperlink.

Bookmark in Microsoft Word

Bookmark –       Bookmark provides to create a mark in the document with a bookmark name. You can easily jump to the cursor at the bookmark.


-       Select the content where you add the bookmark.

-       Click on Bookmark from Insert tab.

                            -     Type a name and click on Add button.

Bookmark in ms word 2013

To search any bookmark contents:

-       Click on Bookmark from Insert tab.

-       Select a bookmark name and click on Go To button.

-       Click on close button.

Cross-reference in Microsoft Word

Cross-reference –      It create a link to any meaningful specific contents like – Heading, Bookmark, Numbered Item, Table, and other in the same document.

cross reference in ms word 2013


-       Place the cursor where you attach a link to other contents.

-       Click on Cross-reference

-       Select the type of reference and click on any one from the list.

-       Click on the Insert button.

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