Formulas and Functions in Excel 2013

Formulas and Functions in Excel 2013

Formula and Function in Excel 2013

Formula : - A formula is an equation used to perform a calculation on given numbers, cell references or operators. In a formula, may contains Numbers, cell-references, Mathematical (+,  – ,  * ,  / ,  ^), Conditional operator (<,  <=, >, >=,  =,  <>). It is look like a mathematical expression. Ex- =A1+B1+C1 – D1*5/2

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Properties of Formula-

A Formula must be started with (=) equal to sign.

A Formula contains a number, mathematical expression, operator, cell reference, parenthesis-(), etc.

A formula that cannot contains self-cell-reference.

When you press enter key after entering formula in a cell, only displayed result of formula in the cell, formula displayed in the formula bar.

Operator: - Operator is a symbol, to operate the given operand. It operate the operand according to nature of operator. Three types of operator are given below, which are mostly used in excel 2013.

Arithmetic Operator











Text Operator


Join of two or more text.


Conditional Operator


Greater than


Less than


Greater than or equal to


Less than or equal to


Equal to


Not equal to

Functions – A predefined formula is called a function. A function is used for calculate a simple or complex calculation in easy way. A function requires necessary arguments to calculate/execute.

Types of functions –

1-    Arithmetic Function

Ex-  Sum(), abs(), round(), trunc(), log(), pi(), etc.

2-    Statistical Function

Ex- Average(), count(), max(), min(), etc.

3-    Text function

Ex- Concatenate(), Left(), Right(), Upper(), Lower(), Proper(), Find(), etc.

4-    Date/Time Function

Ex- Now(), today(), day(), month(), year(), datevalue(), days(), etc.

5-    Logical Function.

Ex- if(), sumif(), countif(), and(), or(), not(), etc.

6-    Financial Function.

Ex- pmt(), pv(), fv(), intrate(), etc.

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    Excel Large function returns nth largest number from a list of number. Excel small function returns nth smallest number from a list of number

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