Ms-Excel 2013 Screen Component

Ms-Excel 2013 Screen Component

Ms-Excel 2013 Screen Component..?

When You will open Ms-excel 2013, a window will display like below with various of functions and features with its category name. we will describe here in detail...

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Microsoft excel 2013 first Screen Component

Some common component of excel window are already discussed in MS-Word chapter. Like- Title bar, Tab, Ribbon, etc. Now we discuss about some new component that are only used in Excel –

Name Box It shows the cell reference or cell name of the current selected cell. Example- A1, B5, Marks, etc.

Formula Bar –       It shows the value or formula of current selected cell. It is used to edit in value or formula of the selected cell.

Formula bar and Name box in ms-excel 2013

Column Header – Column Header is a column identification character. Like – A, B, C, etc. When you click on any column header, entire column selected automatically.

Row header –         Row Header is a Row identification character. Like – 1, 2, 3, etc. When you click on any row header, entire row selected automatically.

New Sheet New Sheet button in ms-excel 2013    When you click on the button a new blank sheet automatically inserted at this point

Workbook –             Excel document is called a workbook. A workbook contains no. of sheet, by default it display 1 sheet (3 sheets in old version).

Worksheet –                     A sheet is a page that is collection of rows and columns. It contains 1048576 rows and 16384 columns (65536 rows and 256 columns in old version).  Row is a horizontal bar and column is vertical bar in a sheet.

Cell –            Where rows and columns are intersect, is called cell.

Cell reference –    In a sheet each cell is a distinct from other. Each cell in a sheet has own address. Address is a combination of column header and row header, these combination are called cell reference. Ex- A1, B5, etc.

Cell range –            Cell range is a combination of number of cells. Cell range written as starting cell reference and ending cell reference with colon (:) operator. Example- (A1:A10), (B1:D5), etc.


 Selection Pointer –     This pointer appear when mouse pointer move on the sheet. When this pointer show you can select one or more cells.

 Move Pointer –   This pointer appear when mouse pointer move on the cell border. At this time you can move the cell and its value at other position in the sheet.

 Drag Pointer  –    This pointer appear when mouse pointer move at the bottom right corner in cell. At this time, you can copy the value or formula of the current cell into another cell by drag-n-drop method in row/column wise area.

 Sizing Pointer Sizing Pointer in ms-excel 2013          This pointer appear when mouse point move at the center of two row/column header. At this time you use the size increase/decrease the row height or column width. It is also used to auto-size of row height and column width by double clicking.

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