Page Layout Setting for Print in Excel 2013

Page Layout Setting for Print in Excel 2013

Page Layout Setting for Print in Excel 2013.

Print Worksheet in excel is not so easy, because a sheet of excel is very large. First of all you have to determine which area or part which have you print.

When we have to require to print our worksheet, it is necessary to know about setting the page, because entire worksheet is not small or not like a ms-word document page, a worksheet area is very large. There are many option to print-

    -  Some selected area of worksheet to print

    -  Some pages to be print

Print Area –            When we require to print some area from entire sheet, use Print Area feature from Page Layout tab.


-       Select area which you want to print on the paper as hard copy through printer.

                            -    Click on Print Area Set Print Area.

set print area in excel 2013

If you remove the area : Click on Print Area Clear Print Area

Margins –                   Margins are the leaving space around the page. Like – top, bottom, left and right.

Page layout can be change in horizontal and vertical ways. Vertical layout is called Portrait and horizontal layout is called Landscape.

Size –   Set the size of page, in which size on the paper you want to print the document. Most popular sizes are – A4, Letter, Legal, etc…

Page Setup in excel 2013

Background –         This feature allow to insert a picture in the background of entire sheet. In excel 2013, you can insert picture from online and offline also.

Print Titles –          Print Title used to set the row or column to repeat in all the page during printing on the paper. It is also used to more setting to print.

More page setting Options are:

More page setup option in excel 2013

Page Margin setting options are

Page margin setup in excel 2013

Page Header/Footer options setting are:

page header footer in excel 2013

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