What is Ms-Word 2013 ?

What is Ms-Word 2013 ?

 What is Ms-Word 2013 ?

 Microsoft word 2013 is a part of Microsoft office package. It provides to create a letter, application or any type of document that may contains text, pictures, table, graphics and other more special effects, styles & formats applicable in the paragraph and documents.

          It provides to create paragraph in attractive style. This package allow to save your document with .doc (in Old version) and .docx (in Newer Version) at any given location of computer hard drive partition.

How to start Microsoft word 2013..?

Start->Run    or 

             Press Winkey  window Key   + R 
·         Type winword in the run window text box and press enter


-        Start à All programs à Microsoft Office à Microsoft office word 2013.

It display as 

very first screen of ms-word 2013

Select Blank Document and Press Enter Key

Now it will displays as -

First Screen of Ms-word 2013

Know more about MS-word Screen Component

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