What is Ms-Excel ?

What is Ms-Excel ?

What is Ms-Excel 2013 ?

Microsoft Excel 2013 is a part of Microsoft office package. This is a spreadsheet program. It provides to create sheet for containing large amount of record in tabular form and do a simple or complex calculation in easy way through some formula and functions. Like- Time table, Mark-Sheet, Pay-Slip, etc.

It also provide to search fast a record from lot of data, and also sorting and filtering of data in a few step. To quick understand a large data, it provides to create various types of chart.

It allow to save your workbook with .xls (in Old version) and .xlsx (in Newer Version) at any given location of computer hard drive partition.

How to Start Microsoft Excel 2013 ?

·         Startà Run or Press Winkey window Key + R 

·         Type excel in the run window text box and press enter


Start à All programs à Microsoft Office à Microsoft office Excel 2013.

It will Display as - 

First Screen of Microsoft Excel 2013

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