Some Basic Feature in Home Tab in Ms-Excel 2013

Some Basic Feature in Home Tab in Ms-Excel 2013

Home Tab in Ms-Excel 2013 and its Features

Some groups and its features are already discussed in Home tab ribbon in MS-Word, Like – Bold, Italics, Increase/decrease Font size, etc. Different features are now discuss in detail that are used in MS-Excel.

Home tab in excel

Font Group

Borders –     Grid of Excel sheet cannot print on the paper. If you want to print the records with border, use this border feature. In this feature there are various types of border and border style with Line color and Line style, you can apply in the selected cells.

 Border style in excel 2013

Alignment Group

Alignment –    In Excel each cell has own alignment in Top to Bottom and Left to Right alignment like –

Top align, Middle Align, Bottom Align, Align Left, Center, Align Right.

Orientation – This feature allow to change the direction of text in selected cell. These direction can be set with a degree (e.g. 300, 450) or any manual free hand rotating pointer in its dialog box. This dialog box will be open by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F and select alignment tab.

Orientation in Ms-Excel 2013

Alignment in Ms-Excel 2013

Indentation – Indentation allow to increase/decrease spacing from the left border of text in selected cell.

Wrap Text –            This feature allow to type in multiple line in a single cell. (Shortcut key- Alt + Enter)

                Merge & Center – This feature allow to join the selected cell and aligned to centre.

Number Group

                Number Format –             There are several types of number formatting option in this group. Like – General, Currency, Percentage, Date, Text and many more. You can also open a special dialog box for change the more formatting by pressing Ctrl + 1. 

Number format in Excel 2013


Conditional Formatting –This feature allow to set a color bar and data bar in selected cell according to value automatically. You can also set the manually formatting in selected cells according to given condition.


-       Select the cell where you want to apply conditional formatting.

-       Click on Conditional Formatting à New Rule

-       New Formatting Rule Dialog box will be appear

-       Select Format Only cells that contains.

-       In Edit the Rule description area select a condition type and give a condition.

-      Set a format as you like, click on OK button.

Format as Table –           Automatic set the pre-formatted style in the selected range of table.

Cell Styles –         Given pre-style of cell can be applied in the selected cell.

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