Strange Clouds

Strange Clouds

Strange Clouds

White Clouds Sky with white clouds,
looks so beautiful.
but ever makes sight fear,
when black clouds climb up,
with roar sound of air.

Black CloudsAnd raining with small drops,
makes a pleasant sight.
When airy environment overflow,
child enjoy with running in the field,
and feel as fly away in the air.

Clouds in SunlightAfter that cutting clouds by sunlight,
with diffusion, entering on the earth.
Around glittering pearls,
then rainbow starts from and end to earth,
a good magic for looking.

Clouds in Strange ShapeThen white clouds scatter here & there,
a huge piece of clouds in strange size.
At every moment, changing in magic shape & size,
looking dwarf, living human beings,
animals and evil sprits.

Like nature, life is colorful,
one is enjoyed and other are fearer.
Someone live tedious and untolerable life,
we should live firmly,
to go on aim.

Like clouds nature, all shapes and size,
animals and evils, exist in human.
Wait for its circumstances for out from,
we face in mob-lynch, gang war, rape & voilence,
some hidden in the curtain of religion, but till when?

"Everyone knows about self- honestly,
tradition says human is biggest wise, in nature.
Why? Human can change, transform itself,
when it will possible? Human achieve humanity.
Nature achieve naturality. Clouds come from time to time."

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